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That´s well tame that mate
That´s well tame that mate

That´s well tame that mate

via Daily Prompt: Tame

So in between writing my latest post and recently posting in the community pool about how to inspire readers to become followers I notice this word in the daily prompt and I am sucked away from my boyfriends house where I blog in Santiago Chile and I am slammed to 6 years before in a house party where the Italo Disco blasts, the laughs are many and I´m trying to explain to someone who is not from Chester (my hometown, UK) what we mean when we say ´tame´.

Tame, is one of the perfect examples of how Chester folk turn the dictionary on it´s head (or at least used to, and I am mainly talking about scallies, moshers and the wreckheads which spanned the two and further beyond). Tame is something great, something grand, something incredible. It´s that techno track you just can´t get enough of, it´s the discovery that an almost forgotten brand of newsagent pop goes incredibly with Lambs Navy Rum, it´s that person in the club who´s lost their head ‘gone well tame´and is being currently carted out by the bouncers as everyone looks around in shock and asks if anyone of the tight knit of the community knew who invited the nutter?

Tame, one of the many words that got flipped in that period of time can be accompanied by such things as a ´weak trek´ (a long walk or a place that you need to get to that is far away). You get the gist? If you are confused just top any phrase off with ´Mate´to convey your surprise or ´Well Good´ which depending on the tone can truly mean well good or actually totally shit.

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