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Peek at Paraguay #4 Travelling as a Pair
Peek at Paraguay #4 Travelling as a Pair

Peek at Paraguay #4 Travelling as a Pair


This is the first time I have travelled with a boyfriend, learning the swings and roundabouts of someone else whilst realising a few things about my own. It is very annoying I have discovered, when someone points out ‘faults’ that they are guilty of all the time. It is bloody wonderful when you want to do something different from the group and you have someone on your side, with similar interests who is totally up for going on a hairbrained mission to a place that someone half told you exists. It’s hard trying find the balance between each others interests, I won’t lie, there was a bit of a power struggle at times (probably more down to me than him). But when our interests were uniquely united in a new place, it’s amazing sharing a moment with someone that you get to relive in various ways once you have returned to the day to day existence you shared before the travel. And in our case due to the nature of the expedition we had lots of time to train together, something we normally just talk about, seeing the steady progression of our handstands was definitely a highlight. What with us both being fans of the kitchen, playing with the new ingredients and foods and in interesting situations on the move, the travel stove was a godsend!


And then the absolute winner… achieving double height thanks to taking an acrobatics duo workshop. We took the workshop and it seemed like it was winding down after already achieving some pretty fantastic feats and some hardcore abdominals, then the teachers announced to round off it was time to do ‘doble altura’! I managed to stand up on Leo’s shoulders and once I’d stopped panicking and wobbling around, we had a few blissful seconds where we both engaged our core like we’d be training to do, the euphoria of being that high up is unreal. All in all, after many years of solo travel and even poopooing sometimes the thought of doing it with someone else, if you go with the right person it is definitely worth it, and how can you find out if they are the right person? By just bloody deciding to go with them and seeing how it pans out.


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