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Save the Whales
Save the Whales

Save the Whales


I am fortunate enough to have a greenpeace sticker on my window that says ‘Yo Defendo Las Ballenas’ which translates as ‘I defend the whales’.

Rousing from my afternoon siesta often leaves me looking at the sticker, imagining the Whales have come to land as the protectors of the sea to hold accountable those who have offended her. When they come to my door, I’ll point to the sticker be pardoned, the faded sticker proof of my efforts in their defence.

After a morning in the traffic lights in Viña Del Mar, a friend and I decided to break up the day with a beach visit tacked onto the route back to Valparaíso. After doing my customary flail along the beach all arms and legs, topping it off with a grand belly flop into the water (much to the delight and chuckles of my friend and nearby beach goers) something hard hit me whilst I was in the sea, for once I didn’t think it was a sea snake. This was far to flat and square to be confused with the customary seaweed that is usually the culprit that ejects me from the sea in a flash. On closer inspection the offending article happened to be a purple plastic food container lid, I scooped up the flotsam and brought it back with me to land where I used it as a tray of sorts to collect small rubbish left by others around where we were sat, such as bottle tops and cigarette butts. My friend pointed out that I’d be there forever if I started that game, and in one aspect yes I would if I took it on as my lone responsibility to clear the entire beach of it’s tiniest offending articles… However, I am of the belief that it is my responsibility to look after my little patch of space, wherever that may be, should the folk on the beach towels next door see me doing that and decide to do the same well that is just marvellous work and we’ll all sleep better at night for it, maybe they already do and look upon my efforts pleased that they are not alone.


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