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Back in the traffic lights
Back in the traffic lights

Back in the traffic lights


After being out of the traffic lights for over 8 months, the return to the original Latino busking has been a rejuvenating experience. Thanks to my stocking filler of a glitzy pair of glasses (cheers mum) and a spotty dress a friend gave me, I feel like it has been a sign from the gods to get back out there. And a roaring success it has been, first of all it is the time of year, the madness of Christmas is over and the holidays are starting here. Factor 50 greases the return of my callejera complexion, freckles licked by the rough end of the sun.

I have been performing more or less the same number since I started, with some tweaks and tricks that get added and removed depending on the length of time the lights are on red and how strong the wind is. My routine really is quite simple, more clown than hoop but the moves I use are well rehearsed classics and the jokes I pull near guarantee me smiles. I am no fool, I have managed to rejuvenate the honeymoon period of the semáforo after so many months away. The laughs and cheers, my first day back in and a car load full of people applauded as I was about to call it quits, enough to keep me going half hour more. Kids all of a sudden bouncing on the laps of their parents or straining against car seats to get a better look, the semáforo is a good place to get high on the smiles. Everyone is gearing up for the holidays and it is paying well.

On less well know roads however, when the weather is poor and the time of year is against me, the traffic lights can be soul destroying. Laughs and smiles can be replaced by car after car that look right through me, I see someone lean over to their bag and my heart leaps in the hope they are reaching for a coin or two but it turns out they are merely reaching for their phone. When I feel I really have picked the worst of days and ready to kick it, plan to dine on bread and a promise to head out earlier tomorrow to make the rent I’ll decide to do the honorary final three. The gods deem me worthy, sending me a car full of kids or a truck with a toothless driver who I could just be the brightest thing he’s seen on the road for days and I am saved. Coins are passed through rolled down windows and the steam returns for one last fight. I decide to take smaller sips of my water so it lasts as long as my luck.


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